Ontario Dairy Council is the provincial trade association through which milk processors and marketers discuss matters of mutual interest and concern with representatives of government, consumers and milk producers. The Council's activities enable the Ontario dairy processing industry to tackle its challenges and meet its objectives. It adds a strong, informed voice to industry groups.

On June 8th, 1971, Ontario Dairy Council obtained its provincial charter, thereby succeeding five, well-known dairy processor organizations:

  • The Ontario Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers (founded in 1917)
  • The Ontario Milk Distributors Association (1929)
  • The Ontario Concentrated Milk Manufacturers Association (1955)
  • The Ontario Cheese Manufacturers Association (1955)
  • The Ontario Dairy Processors Council (1955)

The amalgamation of the five associations into a single Council was a proud accomplishment for Ontario milk processors and distributors. The joining of forces and talents in 1971 enabled the milk processor and distributor sectors to have a united voice in the dairy industry.

Membership in the Council is voluntary.

Collectively, member companies process and manufacture more than 96 per cent of all milk marketed in Ontario. While all processor members are holders of a provincial licence, associate members are predominantly suppliers of equipment, packaging and other requirements used by processors.

Membership fees, which are based on the members' dollar volume of dairy product sales, are paid to the Council annually. The Associate Members pay a flat membership fee annually. The Council's operations are totally financed by the industry and no government funding is involved.

Ontario Dairy Council liaises on a continuous basis with varying provincial ministries, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, consumer's groups, the Ontario Milk Transport Association, other provincial and national associations and with the federal level of government. Ontario Dairy Council gathers all types of information and data and disseminates it to its members, through bulletins, minutes of meetings and a regularly printed newsletter. Internal Council committees bring together groups of members and Directors who report to the Board where policy can be made. The Council's annual convention has been a success since its inception and remains a vital service provided by the Council.

Ontario Dairy Council is a diverse group of processing, marketing and associate supply members. Ontario Dairy Council acts and speaks on behalf of the processors in the industry and it is capable of much more as one cohesive unit, if all members are active participants within their association.